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our roots, practices, plans and promise

A white woman with long blonde hair on one side and shaved on the other side. Stood in a field holding a bar of cream, brown, orange and green swirled soap that is stamped hanini.


ħanini skincare is a family run business based in Glastonbury, Somerset. Inspired by the beauty of our surroundings and the traditions of Malta, the business is named after founder Hannah AKA ‘ħanini’ - meaning ‘darling’in Maltese. Our mission is to make natural skincare accessible for everyone - inclusive products and universal design are at the forefront of our formulation and creative processes. We want beauty to be not only effective and enjoyable, but easier to use too.

A few words from Hannah - "Hi! I am a Neurodivergent, Disabled Business Owner, an advocate of equality, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility. I gained my degree in Deaf Studies and previously worked as a Specialist Teaching Assistant, a BSL Interpreter and a Guide Communicator with Deafblind individuals. Making every aspect of my business, practices and principles inclusive is paramount.

I am a single Mama full time carer with two amazing daughters and an incredible grand son, Noah - also known as 'Big Boss Little Man'. We have two bonkers Staffy dogs and I'm blessed with supportive, encouraging parents who also help me with my business and aspirations." 


Our products are carefully handcrafted in small batches. We use the best quality ingredients and hunt out new, natural and beneficial recipes. We have created powerful combinations that are safe and healthy; good for skin, good for wellbeing and good for our planet.

The traditional method of cold process soap making is used, and it's so much fun! Saponification is a process that involves the conversion of oils by the action of heat in the presence of aqueous alkali (lye and water) - literally meaning 'turning into soap' from the Latin sapo or 'soap'. It generally takes 24 to 48 hours for all lye to completely neutralise and once created, the soaps take 4 - 6 weeks to cure.

​Instead of synthetic fragrances, additives or irritants, we use clays, superfoods and pure essential oils. As well as producing natural colour, superfoods and clays provide even greater healthy skin benefits. Our ingredients page gives a good breakdown of every ingredient we use and why.

Our natural skincare products contain no palm oil, additives, preservatives, parabens, emulsifiers, detergents or animal fats. We want you to know exactly what's included in each bar - skin is the body's largest organ and it absorbs everything we put on it. 

Sourcing ingredients and materials responsibly is a must, we aspire to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance. By supporting other small eco kind businesses and raw material producers, we want to help preserve the planet, reduce our footprint and be a part of the collective, active agents of change. We are against all animal cruelty and support organisations in their work to make change happen.


We are proud to use 100% recyclable and reusable packaging. No plastic is used, we reuse as much as possible in the workshop and source recycled cardboard boxes, paper, card and tissue paper. Our biodegradable peanuts are made from a plant-based, non-static, non-toxic, non-Styrofoam material that can be dissolved in warm water or added to your compost / food waste.

We are constantly reflecting on our approach, our lens and practises. We are committed to learning and unlearning - listening is an important part of our development.


Support and work closely with other small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Connect, collaborate and amplify voices.

Develop products and universal design creativity.

Gain a clear and concise understanding of what changes are needed and why. Prioritise our responsibility within this and how we can do our part.

Share and spread awareness of advocates and organisations and the important work they are doing.

Connect and build a team around us. Focus on removing the barriers faced by Disabled people in the workforce and how we can create opportunities.

Share information with and about other disabled owned businesses. Especially with a focus on the next generation of Disabled entrepreneurs.

Continue to regularly research ingredients and products. Use the best quality materials and eco, sustainable, responsible businesses.

Increase all accessibility on social media and web formats, including the use of ALT text, image descriptions, captions and BSL.



To be transparent – with our products and our practices.

To constantly learn, unlearn, reflect, grow and develop.

To be accountable, approachable, respectful and positive.

Advocate and raise awareness.

Be inclusive and accessible.

Minimise environmental footprint as much as possible and protect our planet and people.


We would love to hear from you, please get in touch with any questions / suggestions. Thanks so much for visiting us, we look forward to helping you where we can.

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