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Made with the finest quality, responsibly sourced ingredients we use the cold process soap making method. Our specially formulated bars are cleansing, moisturising and non-drying. Instead of additives or irritants, we use nourishing ingredients from nature - superfoods and clays add colour as well as extra skin benefits. We use carefully selected Pure Essential Oil blends to add therapeutic aroma.


Handcrafted in Glastonbury, our scented soap bars are made using Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea, Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil.


Our products are fully assessed, tested and certified and comply with current UK and EU regulations. We Braille every label with our slate and stylus. Normalising universal design practices. Making accessibility standard.


We use recyclable packaging, dissolvable packing peanuts, and reuse wherever possible. Plastic free, chemical free and toxin free.


Our products are Free From:

 Palm Oil / Parabens / SLS / SLES / Sulfates /Phthalates / detergents / emulsifiers / synthetic fragrances and colourants / DEA, MEA, TEA / animal fat

In Sanskrit, the word chakra means ‘disk’ or ‘wheel’ and refers to the energy centres in your body. The chakras are the seven wheels of energy that move through your subtle body, starting at the crown of your head and travelling down to the base of your spine.  When spinning properly, each chakra allows energy to flow through the body. However, if one of these wheels is blocked, your wellbeing can suffer. These energy centres were first mentioned in ancient spiritual texts known as the Vedas dating back as far as 1500 to 100 BC. They’re believed to be wheel-like vortices that play an important role in the balance of energy in the body, affecting health, self-expression, and even how you perceive reality.

Please see our 'about' page for more information on each Chakra and crystal. If you need help or inspiration, our info will guide you.


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