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Updated: May 30

Whether you are city hopping for the weekend, camping in the UK or travelling across the world for adventures, we have our top ten natural ħanini travel essentials to give your skin and hair a healthy boost. If like me you are a magnet for mosquito’s and insects, we have the best bug busters. Do you or your kids suffer from travel anxiety, headaches or nausea? We have natural remedies to ease those symptoms too. Check out our recommendations below and find out how our beautiful planet provides us with the all the natural ingredients we need.


Beach lover? Yes, that’s me too. The ocean is my happy place, snorkelling is top of my ‘to do’ list, and on holiday I spend more time in the sea or pool than I do out of the water. My hair however never use to be so keen, that’s until I created our Hair Serum – now my locks are just as happy as me. It’s a multiuse, waterless, 100% pure oil formulation of 15 incredible plant ingredients.

Tops tips for maximum benefits:

· add five drops to your daily conditioner

· apply to scalp and roots before going to bed; the oils will fully absorb overnight strengthening hair and replenishing sun or water damage

· evening time use as a heat protector oil pre styling

· morning time use as a layer of leave-in conditioner protection; start the day with a deep moisture seal reducing breakage.

Our natural formulation is 100% safe for the environment too. How does it work?

  • Argan Oil adds shine, protects hair from breakage and increases elasticity.

  • Black Seed Oil sooths the scalp whilst hydrating and seals in moisture of individual hair shafts due to its rich fatty amino acid content.

  • Papaya Oil has a high content of Vitamin A, B and C helping your scalp produce sebum; essential for nourishing, strengthening, and protecting your hair.

  • Broccoli Oil is great for dry, thirsty hair; a natural ingredient that is said to mimic silicone.

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil enhances circulation to the scalp so that hair growth is better supported whilst follicles are strengthened.

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil improves hair texture and reduces breakage. Stimulates sebum production and conditions dry, brittle hair.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil helps strengthen circulation which in turn prevents hair follicles from being starved of blood supply - a cause of hair loss.

Reduce the post-holiday recovery time of dry hair with our Hair Serum. Available in Scented or Unscented, our 100ml bottle is good for hand luggage too.

Top tip: Long haul flight? Make sure you pack our Sample Kit, the air conditioning can play havoc with drying out skin and hair – apply some Hair Serum ad hoc on the flight for extra protection. Plus for an added bonus - the essential oil blend aids sleep too!


Did you know that hair is very vulnerable when wet? Avoid stretch damage or breakage with our wide tooth hair accessories - gently separate any knots and avoid brushing whilst wet. When applying our Hair Serum, scalp massagers help the natural oils reach your scalp ensuring an even distribution. The brush head encourages blood circulation without hurting the scalp or damaging hair follicles. The soft silicone designs produce a relaxing and calming massage, whilst promoting scalp health and hair growth.


All that sun and sea can really dry out our skin, especially if we aren’t use to it. Our Whipped Body Butters will satisfy that extra thirst – made from four plant butters, superfood infused oils and our magic ingredient Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Did you know Prickly Pear contains more Tocopherol (Vitamin E) than any other oil available in the beauty care market? It is the best natural moisturiser on earth, up to 10 times more powerful than Argan Oil, and grows in abundance in Malta!

Not only great for maintaining skin health, our Moisturisers contain special essential oil synergies. Here’s our top picks for easier travel:

Insect Repellent – Our Ashwagandha and Camellia Citrus Synergy is by far the best natural remedy for keeping those nasty mosquitos at bay. Containing Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Lemon Pure Essential Oils, it hits the mark for a bugs most hated aromas! Also up there for natural insect repellent oils is Lavender, Geranium Rose and Tea Tree. They can be found in our Beetroot and Safflower Moisturiser and Spirulina Tea Tree.

Insect Bites – Not only a repellent, but Lavender Essential Oil is also well known for soothing bug bites. Our Scented Sample Set contains a 15ml jar of the Beetroot and Safflower Body Butter – great for on the go and regular healing applications.

Travel Time – ease the anxiety of travel with our Lavender and Geranium Rose infused Beetroot and Safflower cream. The aromatherapy blend will help you relax, sleep on a long journey, and calm others around you too! The beautiful aroma is always noted when I use it - one of our best sellers. Air con beating hydration? Our Avocado and Moringa whip is extremely good for extra dry skin. Sensitive skin or travelling with little ones? Aloe and Oatmeal is perfect.


Staying outdoors in the UK? We are so fortunate to have such beautiful countryside, beaches, rivers, forests and valleys all around us. If you are hitting the outdoors camping, glamping or lodging we highly recommend ħanini candles. Made with Pure Essential Oils and Soy Wax, our Manifest and Abundance Candle contains those three top aromas that insects hate! Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Lemon will put up a good fight whilst you chill after a gorgeous day of adventures! Just remember not to use in or near the tent.


Staying with the camping theme, our Soap Wash Kits were made for this! They come with an organic cotton face pad for cleansing, they are compact, light, eco-friendly and once you’ve used up the lovely soap you’ll find a stack of uses for the aluminium tin! Available in Scented and Unscented, we have 15 to choose from covering all skin needs. To bolster up that bug barrier, look for MANIFEST + ABUNDANCE, RELAX + FOCUS and SERENITY + HEALING Scented Range.


Perfect for hand luggage, our Body Oils contain ten natural plant oils. Formulated for optimum skin health, they deeply hydrate due to their incredible ability to soak skin layers. Avocado Oil is the special ingredient - with a high fatty acid content and natural SPF factor, it is replenishing, revitalising, protecting and unbeatable for sun and sea thirsty skin. If you regularly have dry skin needs – we definitely recommend looking for moisturisers that contain Avocado Oil.

Not only useful as an all over moisture intense oil treatment, our scented body serum contains Roman Chamomile Essential Oil – number one for soothing insect bites! If you are planning an action packed adventure holiday, our Glowing Body Oil is targeted for muscle recovery. As an ex hockey player and autoimmune disease sufferer, this synergy was developed to help ease and heal my pains. Marjoram Essential Oil is aromatic, warming and relaxing; an excellent support for the musculoskeletal system. Roman Chamomile repairs by promoting faster tissue regeneration. Use as an effective massage oil whilst you and your body recuperate for the next adrenaline fuelled day of adventure!

On striped tiles yellow glass pulse point roller, containing oil and yellow citrine crystals, stands next to a purple amethyst crystal


Our Pulse Point Rollers are epic in so many ways! Convenient, small, lightweight, and best of all they work immediately in a multitude of ways. A perfect perfume for sensitive skin or if reactive to synthetic fragrance oils, here are a few more examples and what to look out for:


Travel Anxiety – CREATIVITY

Travel Sickness and Headaches – SERENITY

Sleep – RELAX

New places, people, routine – POSITIVITY

Apply to wrists, ankles, neck, shoulders, behind knees and ears. Use as and when required, our meticulous recipe formulation is 100% safe whilst 100% optimal. For more information on aromatherapy and essential oil benefits, our previous post can be found here


Our sample sets are handy bags of magic and a wonderful addition to your skin and hair care routines. Our travel highlight are the face masks and oils. Use as a daily cleanser or deep mask treatment, they contain six powerful plant and clay powder ingredients that detox your skin and leave it radiant - great if you are heading to the city or the great outdoors or partying hard!

On striped tiles is a selection of sample skincare products. Two small jars labelled bath salts and moisturiser. An aluminium pot on top labelled face mask. Two larger blue glass bottles labelled hair oil and body oil, and a smaller blue glass bottle labelled face oil. A white soap bar lies on top of them.

Our face serums are available scented/unscented and are pivotal to your must have products working in conjunction with your established routine. After cleansing, add a layer of serum then continue with your usual favourites. Providing intense moisture these plant oil formulations mimic your skin's natural sebum production, and are specially tailored with essential nutrients to work in synchronicity with your skin. The first step to penetrating the skin deep with natural vitamins? An effective first layer of natural protection and skin food goodness.

Our Kits also include Body Oil, Hair Serum, Whipped Moisturisers, Bath Salts and a Natural Soap.


If like me you suffer from persistent insect attraction (which unfortunately often results in huge swelling, irritation, itching, pain and sometimes infection) it’s not only a nuisance but an anxiety impacting concern. We have mentioned above our Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Lemon synergy. Top three at repelling those unwanted and bothersome bugs, we have a range of Soap, Bath Salts, Whipped Body Butter, Pulse Point Roller and Candle that all contain this busting blend! Look out for the Manifest and Abundance Range. If you would like to purchase all five, drop us an email and we will give you a special coupon code for a money off bundle – totally relate to the impact it has on your trip.


A hand holds a purple amethyst crystal above an aluminium tin labelled hanini soap travel kit. In the distance is a brightly coloured tent on the grass.

Our three favourite travel companion crystals?

Amethyst (pictured) – traditionally used by travellers to protect them from thieves, this healing crystal has a peaceful and relaxing energy that helps you unwind and find your calm no matter where you are. It can also be uplifting, giving you positive energy, relieving anxieties and is great for jet lag.

Citrine – known as the ‘success stone’ citrine is said to attract abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Helping with both happy and safe travels, this crystal protects by turning negative energy into positive energy.

Lapis Lazuli – the stone of truth and ‘total awareness’, it connects our focus, wise thinking and memory. Helps shake off uncomfortable feelings and keeps intuition sharp during travels.

Our crystals are available to buy with our scented soap range. They can also be found in our Pulse Point Rollers, infusing the special aromatherapy blends.

We hope you have found our blog helpful. Let us know where your holiday plans are taking you! We’d love for you to share your top holidaying tips - let us know in the comments below.

We hope you have a wonderful, safe, revitalising time away, making the most special memories and experiences.



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